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5G hologram over image of a phone held by hand with blue background

Discover 5G, the Future of Telecommunication

Published on 5G is the fifth generation of wireless network technology, designed to increase the speed, scope, and functionality of mobile technology far beyond that offered by 4G and 4G…

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Camera Phone Buying Guide

  What is the best camera phone? The answer depends largely on how you take pictures. For some people, it’s all about getting the highest resolution camera for the crispest…

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How to Use Your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

Your smartphone can double as a mobile hotspot, allowing you to tether a laptop or tablet to your phone’s data plan by creating a private Wi-Fi network. Once you know…

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How to Pick a Cell Phone Data Plan

Mobile phone plans are just like phones: they change with the times as new technology and new features become available. This is why it’s important to periodically compare mobile phone…

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10 Tips to Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life

You spent a lot on your iPhone, and it’s fair to say you want to get the maximum use out of your investment. Conserving and extending your phone’s battery life…

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How to Maximize iPhone Storage Space

When you first power up your new iPhone, it doesn’t feel possible you’ll ever exceed its storage capacity. An iPhone 11 Pro Max, after all, has anywhere from 64 to…

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How to Monitor Screen Time For You & Your Family

While families tend to focus on how to reduce screen time for their kids, adults can also be guilty of overusing mobile devices. Most of us have wasted an hour…

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What to Do With Your Old Phone

Your old cell phone provided plenty of use, but it’s time to buy a new one. Perhaps the battery no longer fully charges. Maybe newer models have more memory, better…

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How to Manage Your Phone Data Usage

Unless you have an unlimited data plan for your mobile devices, at some point you’ve probably underestimated how much data you’ve used and gone past your data limit, incurring additional…

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How WAN Can Help Grow Your Business

A growing business faces multiple challenges, not least being the need to transmit data quickly and securely between multiple locations. This need can overwhelm existing a business’s original telecommunication networks,…

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